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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Roleplaying Game BETA—also simply called, Age of Rebellion BETA or AoR BETA—is the second beta test of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars-themed roleplaying game series, with this installment set in the Age of Rebellion system, and focuses on the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. The Age of Rebellion system is cross-compatible with both the previous Edge of the Empire system and the subsequent Force & Destiny system of roleplaying. It was announced at Gen Con 2012 by co-designer Sterling Hershey, that the Age of Rebellion system was scheduled for release by Fantasy Flight Games in 2014. The beta test began in the third quarter of 2013.[3] Released at Gen Con Game Fair,[4] it included the adventure Operation – Shell Game.

It also came with six pre-made character sheets:


Notes and referencesEdit

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