Star Wars: Build R2-D2 is a paper-craft model kit of astromech droid R2-D2. It was released in 2013 by Sterling Innovation. The kit includes the illustrated book Star Wars: R2-D2 Galactic Hero, written by Benjamin Harper.


Star Wars: Build R2-D2 was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013. It was then released to the general public on October 2, 2013.

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Star Wars: Build R2-D2 comes with everything you need to make a deluxe paper model of the beloved astromech droid-measuring a foot high. Inside you'll find:

Push-button LED lights and audio chip that plays three separate, authentic R2-D2 "phrases",

12 sheets of punch-out pieces featuring two-color metallic printing,

Step-by-step instructions for assembly,

Book chronicling R2-D2's adventures and role in galactic history.

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