This article is about the Clone Wars Adventures. You may be looking for other meanings of the term.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is a series of digest sized graphic novels published by Dark Horse, set in the Clone Wars. They have an art style, pacing, and highly over-the-top storylines similar to the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon series. Each volume is 96-pages in length, with three to four stories each.

The series was replaced with Clone Wars Quarterly, which follows the style of the new Clone Wars show.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Inspired by the Cartoon Network's Clone Wars cartoons, this comic-book [sic] series uses the television show as a jumping-off point to tell new stories of heroism and villainy in the same stripped-down visual style.

Incredible action, hot art, and lightning-fast pacing are coming your way in this exciting take on the Star Wars galaxy.


Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
Volume 1 · Volume 2 · Volume 3 · Volume 4 · Volume 5
Volume 6 · Volume 7 · Volume 8 · Volume 9 · Volume 10

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