Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence 3

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Darth Maul—Death Sentence 3
Attribution information

Tom Taylor


Bruno Redondo

Cover artist

Dave Dorman

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics

Publication date

September 26, 2012

General information

Rise of the Empire era


20 BBY


Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence

Issue number


Preceded by

Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence 2

Followed by

Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence 4

Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence 3 is the third issue of four in the Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence comic mini-series written by Tom Taylor.

Publisher's summaryEdit

While an injured Darth Maul recuperates from his recent battle with a team of Jedi, he plots his revenge—and the rescue of his brother Savage Opress (now in Jedi custody). But it isn’t simply the Jedi that Maul must face; it’s a powerful mining magnate with forces of his own!

Luckily for Maul, the mine owner has made a career out of exploiting the local work force, and the natives are… revolting!


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