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Star Wars: Droid Factory was a toy line that started out as part of Hasbro's The Legacy Collection in 2008, and was later revived in 2012 as toys exclusive to Disney Parks.


The original version of Droid Factory was a "Build-A-Droid" system, in which each figure featured a piece to collect and create a unique astromech or protocol droid. The concept was launched with a series of Wal-Mart exclusive two-packs where pieces from all six packs combined to build C-3PX, and a later 2009 release that built a Phase III dark trooper. Hasbro planned to release another Droid Factory line that was cancelled, with only a single set exclusive to Amazon released. That set's parts built TC-70.

In 2012 Disney revived the concept at their theme parks, this time allowing visitors to buy their own customized astromech droid action figures by choosing from varied interchangeable parts, including some Disney-themed hats. Many characters already existing in Star Wars fiction could be created with the available parts. The introduction coincided with the opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, and added new part assortments in 2013 and 2015. The line also added already-assembled exclusive figures with holiday- and event-themed droids. The initial 2012 assortment included the Star Tours logo on the packaging, but later releases did not.


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