Star Wars: Electronic Galactic Battle was an electronic game similar to Hasbro's Battleship. The game was marked for ages 5 and up. It was produced by Tiger Electronics Inc in 1997; model number 88-088.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

It is a time of civil war. Brave freedom-fighters of the Rebel Alliance struggle agasint the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. Though they have won several small victories, the Alliance is outnumbered and outgunned by the technological might of the Empire. Gathering their forces, the Rebels launch a last, desperate attack against the Imperial fleet...

  • Join the Rebel Alliance and bring freedom to the galaxy, or play as the Empire and crush their insignificant rebellion!
  • REAL space combat sound effects and voices from your favorite Star Wars heroes and villains add excitement to every battle!
  • Three levels of play: Lieutenant, Commander, and the ultimate strategic challange: Admiral!
  • Complete with 20 detailed starships from the Star Wars trilogy, including X-wings, Y-wings, TIE fighters, Imperial Star Destroyers and more!


Rebel AllianceEdit

  • 3 A-wings
  • 2 X-wings
  • 2 Y-wings
  • 2 Rebel Transports
  • 1 Mon Cal Cruiser

Galactic EmpireEdit

  • 3 TIE fighters
  • 2 TIE interceptors
  • 2 TIE bombers
  • 2 Victory Star Destroyers
  • 1 Imperial Star Destroyer