The Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption soundtrack was composed for the expansion pack of the same name. The music was written by composer Frank Klepacki. The entire Empire at War soundtrack is available for listening on Frank's official site.


Klepacki's first task, upon joining Petroglyph games as full-time audio director in 2004, was scoring Star Wars: Empire at War, Petroglyph's launch title.[1] A die-hard fan of the Star Wars franchise, Klepacki enjoyed complementing John Williams's style as he worked with sound effects used in the feature films.[2] He worked closely with programmers to ensure perfect aural functionality. Though most the game's score is John Williams's work, Klepacki estimates that he contributed 20% original material. Apart from the main theme, he aimed to minimize his editing in order to retain the classic Star Wars sound.[3] He chiefly composed for new areas of the Star Wars universe only found in Empire at War. He calls his work on the game "the peak of my career,"[4] and felt he had spent his entire life grooming his abilities for that soundtrack.[5] As a perk of composing, he visited Skywalker Ranch and Industrial Light and Magic, and took pride in having his name associated with an official Star Wars product.[6][7]

For the Forces of Corruption expansion pack, he took greater creative liberty with the Star Wars feel by writing an original theme for the new criminal faction.[4] In attempting to compose this piece, he wrote several preliminary hooks that were later integrated into the game's battle themes.[8] He composed six pieces for the expansion total, including the finale theme. In line with the criminal theme of the game, Klepacki borrowed motifs and recreated the mood from scenes involving Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi.[9] His score for the expansion pack was accepted upon first submission to LucasArts.[9]

Empire at War Track ListingEdit

  1. Empire At War
  2. Advance On The City
  3. Vader's Presence
  4. Attacking The Blockade
  5. Battle In The Swamps
  6. Beginning The Approach
  7. Rebellion Advantage
  8. Space Pursuit
  9. Volcanic Assault
  10. Rebel Victory

Forces of Corruption Track ListingEdit

  1. Corruption Has Begun
  2. Zann Consortium Main Theme
  3. The Artifact Revealed
  4. The Unveiling
  5. The Vaults
  6. Tyber's Plan
  7. Underhanded
  8. Unexpected Forces
  9. Lose to Zann

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