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Star Wars: Epic Duels was a board game published by Hasbro in 2002. It is now out of print.

The game features 4 maps and 31 miniature plastic figurines. There are 12 decks of 31 cards each featuring a major character and 1 or 2 minor characters. Players choose character sets and duel each other by rolling a die, moving their figures around the board and drawing and playing cards constituting "actions" each turn. The game is simple in design, but provides endless depths as no two duels are ever the same.

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The Vassal gaming engine has a gaming mod, or module, that allows you to play Star Wars: Epic Duels online in real time for free. This mod can be downloaded at the Vassal website [1] by going to modules and scrolling down to the Star Wars: Epic Duel mod.

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