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Star Wars: Force and Destiny, also referred to as Force & Destiny, is the third in a series of cross-compatible Star Wars–themed roleplaying games published by Fantasy Flight Games under their license to create Star Wars games. It is part of a system also incorporating Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion. It focuses on Jedi and other Force users. At Gen Con Game Fair in August 2012, it was announced that Sterling Hershey was one of the game designers. Hershey revealed on his blog at that time the plans Fantasy Flight had for the franchise, announcing Force and Destiny for release in 2015 following the 2014 release of Age of Rebellion.[1] A beta test of Force and Destiny was released at Gen Con in August of 2014.[2] It was eventually released in June of 2015.

The roleplaying game is set shortly after the Battle of Yavin.[3] Game supplements do not strictly adhere to either the canon or Legends continuity, but contain elements of both.


Adventure ModulesEdit

Bonus adventuresEdit


Content SummaryEdit

Player character species

Career paths and specializations

  • Consular
    • Healer
    • Niman Disciple
    • Sage
    • Arbiter
    • Ascetic
    • Teacher
  • Guardian
    • Peacekeeper
    • Protector
    • Soresu Defender
    • Armorer
    • Warden
    • Warleader
  • Mystic
    • Advisor
    • Alchemist
    • Magus
    • Makashi Duelist
    • Prophet
    • Seer
  • Seeker
    • Ataru Striker
    • Hunter
    • Pathfinder
    • Executioner
    • Hermit
    • Navigator
  • Sentinel
    • Artisan
    • Shadow
    • Shien Expert
    • Investigator
    • Racer
    • Sentry
  • Warrior
    • Aggressor
    • Shii-Cho Knight
    • Starfighter Ace
    • Colossus
    • Juyo Berserker
    • Steel Hand Adept


Starfighters and Patrol Boats

Freighters and Transports

Capital Ships


Fantasy Flight Games suggests, but does not require, that Gamemasters link Lessons from the Past from the Core Rulebook and Hidden Depths in the Game Master's Kit so that players may acquire functioning lightsabers during the Galactic Civil War time period.[4]


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