Jedi Unleashed is a Star Wars board game set during the First Battle of Geonosis. Players are dealt a team of Jedi and attempt to slay as many enemies as possible until Yoda arrives, ending the game.

Gameplay overviewEdit

Jedi Unleashed board

Jedi Unleashed game board.

Players receive a number of Jedi cards through a random draw. The Jedi cards are placed around the circular battle field board along with the enemy cards which include Geonosians, battle droids, Jango Fett and Count Dooku.

On each turn, players roll dice and, based on their role, move one of their Jedi and attack enemie's pieces. They can also move an enemy toward another player's Jedi and attempt to injure that Jedi. One of the dice includes Yoda on two sides. When Yoda is rolled his marker is moved closer to Geonosis. When Yoda arrives, the game is over.

Players win by destroying the most creatures, counting only those on their surviving Jedi cards. There is also a game mechanism that allows eliminated players back in the game by using unclaimed Jedi cards.

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