"After it's all said and done, Jeremy will have created 50 different pieces of music for the game, as well as scoring an additional 54 cutscenes, for a grand total of 90 minutes of new music. This is easily the largest original score ever created for a Star Wars game, and the results are fantastic."

The original musical score for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was composed by Jeremy Soule. The award-winning composer was signed to compose the game's score in 2002.[2]

Soule was unable to write a full orchestral score for Knights of the Old Republic due to technical limitations: "At the time we only had an 8 megabit per second MIDI system. That was state of the art... I had to fool people into thinking they were hearing a full orchestra. I’d write woodwinds and drums, or woodwinds, horns and drums, or strings and drums and brass. I couldn’t run the whole orchestra at once, it was impossible."[2] Many of the cues composed for Knights of the Old Republic have gone on to be used in subsequent Star Wars games such as Star Wars Galaxies.


A number of cues scored for the game were made available on the official LucasArts game website as late as 2006.[3]

Track ListingEdit

Despite Knights of the Old Republic not including a music menu, as is the case with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, 44 cues are identified within the game files themselves, along with a few cues heard during the in-game cutscenes (as opposed to the cinematic videos). These are the correct titles for the individual cues, which differ from the many fan-made track listings that have proliferated on the Internet.

  1. Startup Screen
  2. Sith Armada Theme
  3. Sith Cult Theme
  4. Czerka Theme
  5. Republic Theme
  6. Bastila's Theme
  7. Carth's Theme
  8. Malak's Theme
  9. Taris Upper City
  10. Taris Lower City/Gang Theme
  11. Taris Under City/Sewers
  12. Sith Base/Korriban - Valley of the Sith
  13. Outdoor Town/Grassland Exterior
  14. Town Interior - Light
  15. Town Interior - Suspense
  16. Dantooine Jedi Academy
  17. Rakata Ruins
  18. Tatooine Desert Exteriors
  19. Sandperson Enclave
  20. Kashyyyk Upper Dwellings
  21. Kashyyyk Shadowlands
  22. Manaan - Ahto City
  23. Manaan - Hrakert Station
  24. Sleheyron City
  25. Star Forge
  26. Cantina Techno
  27. Cantina Jazz
  28. Battle: Taris Upper City
  29. Battle: Taris Lower City/Gang
  30. Battle: Taris Sewers
  31. Battle: Sith Base
  32. Battle: Town/Grassland Exterior
  33. Battle: Town Interior - Light
  34. Battle: Dantooine Jedi Academy
  35. Battle: Rakata Ruins
  36. Battle: Tatooine Desert Exterior
  37. Battle: Sandperson Enclave
  38. Battle: Kashyyyk Upper Dwellings
  39. Battle: Kashyyyk Shadowlands
  40. Battle: Manaan - Ahto City
  41. Battle: Manaan - Hrakert Station
  42. Battle: Sleheyron City
  43. Battle: Star Forge
  44. Battle: Final Battle

Cut ContentEdit

Another cue, "Battle: Town Interior - Suspense," is listed within the game files; however, as the file itself was not included, it's possible that the track was originally composed but ultimately not included in the game files. The areas in the game where the cue was meant to be heard were instead filled by "Battle: Town Interior - Light."

Despite appearing in the game files, the tracks "Battle: Dantooine Jedi Academy" and "Battle: Sleheyron City" are unused in the game, which may be due to the content in which they were to be used being cut from the game.

Since the entire planet of Sleheyron was removed from the game, "Sleheyron City" was mostly unused as well, appearing in only one area in the actual game. This is during the second part of the "Unfinished Business" quest, when a strange box is placed on the player's ship for transport to Tatooine. Despite being warned against opening the box, the player can choose to open it anyway and is teleported to a Rakatan mind prison, which is where the cue is heard.

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