"Mark had worked on staff at LucasArts for about four years and I knew from his work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II that he really understood the Star Wars aesthetic..."
Jesse Harlin[src]

The original musical score for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was composed by Mark Griskey. Approximately 70 minutes of music was composed and performed by the 80 piece Seattle Sinfonia Orchestra and later mixed by Skywalker Sound.[1] Many of the cues composed for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords have gone on to be used in subsequent Star Wars games such as Star Wars Galaxies and the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith video game. A cue originally scored by Griskey for KotOR II was also used in the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer: "Deceived"[1].


Mark Griskey hosts a number of cues scored for the game here on his personal website. These include:

  • Jek' Jek Tarr Battle
  • The Sith Lords
  • Kreia Dark
  • Darth Sion
  • Jedi Theme (Enclave Restored)
  • KotOR March (End Credits)
  • Visas Marr Introduction (KotOR 2)

Track ListingEdit

55 cues composed by Griskey were identifiable within the game files, as was the case with Knights of the Old Republic. 49 of these cues were playable from an in-game menu upon being unlocked. The official titles of these cues, as established in-game, are accompanied by their relevant track times. The remaining 6 cues heard in the game, as well as several ambient sounds and a number of cues heard during cutscenes[2], were also present in the game files but were not made accessible to the user via the music menu.

  • The Sith Lords (2:44)
  • Kreia’s Theme (1:03)
  • Kreia’s Dark Theme (0:36)
  • Sion’s Theme (1:01)
  • Nihilus’ Theme (1:07)
  • Atris’ Theme (0:48)
  • Traya’s Theme (0:36)
  • The Jedi (1:16)
  • The Sith (1:26)
  • Lifeless Ebon Hawk (1:06)
  • Aboard the Ebon Hawk (1:00)
  • Peragus (1:50)
  • Peragus Infiltrated (1:08)
  • Citadel Station (1:15)
  • B-4D4 (0:29)
  • Telos Restoration Zone (1:06)
  • Military Base (0:33)
  • Telosian Base (1:11)
  • Nar Shaddaa (1:07)
  • Jek'Jek Tarr (0:49)
  • The Droid Yacht (0:55)
  • Dxun (2:59)
  • The Mandalorian Outpost (1:04)
  • The Temple of Freedon Nadd (1:10)
  • The City of Iziz (1:14)
  • Civil War (0:41)
  • Iziz Cantina (0:52)
  • The Palace (1:02)
  • Dantooine (0:56)
  • Enclave Sublevel (1:26)
  • Ruins Of The Jedi Academy (1:16)
  • Valley of the Dark Lords (1:07)
  • Sith Academy (0:41)
  • Sith Tomb (0:46)
  • Malachor (1:04)
  • Battle on the Ebon Hawk (0:32)
  • Peragus Battle (0:32)
  • Citadel Station Battle (0:55)
  • Telos Battle (1:04)
  • Telosian Base Battle (0:28)
  • Nar Shaddaa Battle (0:54)
  • Jek’Jek Tarr Battle (0:31)
  • Battle on the Droid Yacht (0:41)
  • Dxun Battle (0:48)
  • Onderon Battle (1:04)
  • Dantooine Battle (0:31)
  • Korriban Battle (1:37)
  • Malachor Battle (2:01)
  • The Final Battle (2:00)

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