This article is about the reference book released in 2010. You may be looking for Star Wars Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons of the Force, released in 2018.

Star Wars: Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons of the Force is a reference book authored by Pablo Hidalgo and published by Scholastic that was released in December 2010. The book details the twenty-five most notable lightsabers and ten most famous lightsaber duels from the Star Wars universe. An updated canon edition was released on April 9, 2018.[1]

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They're bold, they're bright-they're the unmistakable weapons of the Force!

Discover how lightsabers are constructed from the inside out! Then learn the stats and the stories behind 25 of the most notable lightsabers and 10 of the most famous duels in Jedi history.


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