Star Wars: Official 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film that started it all, this collectible magazine highlights the first two decades of Star Wars history, including the added scenes of the Special Edition. Includes 3 Promo Cards, including: Empire Stikes Back Widevision #Di P1 from the 3Di release, Special Edition release in Widevision Multi-Motion 2M card, and the Special Edition Laser cut 0 card.


  • A special introduction by George Lucas
  • Members of the cast and crew share memories of the films
  • A look at the art of Star Wars
  • The marketing & merchandise of Star Wars
  • The companies George Lucas has built around the Star Wars franchise
  • A look at the new scenes & features Lucas added to the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition
  • Tons of full color photos and illustrations from the Star Wars universe


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