Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Opress Unleashed

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Savage cover
Opress Unleashed
Attribution information

Ryder Windham


Ben Dewey


Michael Heisler


Mae Hao

Cover artist

courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.


Randy Stradley

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics

Publication date

May 7, 2011


8 (28 including non-Star Wars material)

General information

Rise of the Empire era


c. 21 BBY

Issue number

Free Comic Book Day 2011 one-shot

Followed by

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Strange Allies

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Opress Unleashed is an issue of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic series. It is a free issue available as part of Free Comic Book Day on May 7, 2011, and was bundled as a flip cover with Avatar: The Last Airbender on the opposite side. It was an excerpt from the upcoming standalone comic Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Strange Allies.


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