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The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 4: Guardians of the Chiss Key
Attribution information

Ryder Windham

Cover artist
Publication information

Grosset & Dunlap

Release date

March 15, 2012[1]

Media type







Rise of the Empire era


22 BBY


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret Missions

Preceded by

Duel at Shattered Rock

Followed by

The Clone Wars: Wild Space

The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 4: Guardians of the Chiss Key is a young readers book, the fourth and final in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret Missions series. Authored by Ryder Windham, it was published on March 15, 2012.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The Clone Wars: Secret Missions series of original novels concludes as Nuru Kungurama returns to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant while the remaining members of Breakout Squad await their next mission. But after an alien escape pod vanishes from the Jedi Archives, Kung finds himself flung toward a fateful encounter with his own Jedi Master, Ring-Sol Ambase.

Plot summaryEdit

After retaking Bilbringi Depot, the Galactic Republic's Breakout Squad finished its investigation and returned to Coruscant. Jedi Nuru Kungurama then met with Jedi Master Harro Kelpura to explore the alien escape pod he had been discovered in 10 years earlier. When they arrived at Kelpura's lab in the Dacho District, they saw that Kungurama's missing master, Ring-Sol Ambase, had gotten there first to acquire the escape pod for himself. Each believing that the other had fallen to the dark side of the Force, they conduct a duel, which ends after Ambase collapses. Afterward, Ambase recovers in the Jedi Temple's medical center and tells his Padawan that he was leaving the Jedi Order. Kungurama was then promoted to the full commander of Breakout Squad and assigned by Grand Master Yoda to investigate a missing freighter.


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