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Star Wars: The Complete Vader is a reference book written by Ryder Windham and Peter Vilmur and published by Random House in cooperation with LucasBooks. It was released on October 27, 2009 in Canada and the United Kingdom, but its United States release has been postponed until October 18, 2011[3] due to a printing error that made pages stick together.[4] It will feature a foreword by Stephen J. Sansweet.


The Complete Vader will be a definitive resource on the history, myth, and cultural impact Darth Vader has had, from his earliest development in the Original Trilogy to the newer stories revealed in comics and novels, all the way to his myriad appearances in every other conceivable medium, from commercials to clothing to bedspreads. It will present a complete overview of the character and the icon. summaryEdit

This 192-page tome devoted to all-things-Vader will explore the history, costume, merchandise and cultural impact of cinema's most iconic villain, and that's just for starters. Look for expansive coverage of Vader's evolution from slave boy to Sith Lord, his forays into the Expanded Universe, his vehicles, weapons, and much, much more! The book will feature hundreds of photos as well as special gatefold spreads and several removable interactive inserts throughout![2]

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