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The first wave of Hasbro action figures with character depictions from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was to come at the end of 2007's Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection line. However, when the game was delayed, so was the line of toys. It was released as the second (and apparently final) wave of 2008's 30th Anniversary Collection basic figure line.


Evolutions - Vader's Secret Apprentice:


Legacy CollectionEdit

Force Unleashed Figure Packs 1 and 2Edit

Vintage Collection Figure PackEdit


One LEGO set has also been released to correspond with the game thus far. This is a set featuring The Rogue Shadow, as well as minifigs of the Secret Apprentice, Juno Eclipse, and a battle damaged Darth Vader.

Rumored toysEdit

A second wave of toys was rumored after WizardWorld said that there was an Emperor Palpatine Figure that shoots lighting. However, they confused a 3-3/4" Palpatine figure for a known 2" Unleashed Battle Packs figure. Another rumored item from a Target computer mentioned a bull rancor, while months earlier, a set named Force Unleashed Heroes Pack appeared on the Toys R Us website.[source?]

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