Star Wars Magazine UK 9 was the 9th issue of the Star Wars: The Official Magazine, covering August and September 1997 and contained 66 pages.

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  • Feel the Force
    As the cameras roll on one of the most eagerly awaited films of all time, Star Wars Magazine brings you exclusive details from inside Leavesden Studios.
  • Servants of the dark side
    The Empire's instruments of terror police the New Order with ruthless efficiency. But how much do we actually know about the Emperor's dark forces?
  • "Can anyone tell me what a 'Grand Moff' is?"
    A tribute to Peter Cushing, the legendary actor whose superb portrayal of Governor Tarkin proved a highlight of Star Wars.
  • Rocky Horror
    Anthony Daniels' memories of filming in Tunisia take a psychedelic detour, via a lonely outcrop and some indiscreet donkeys.
  • The Making of Star Wars
    George Lucas' masterpiece, hailed for its unprecedented visual effects, was no less innovative for the way it sounded.
  • Star Wars 'Episode I'
    Star Wars Magazine takes you inside Leavesden Studios for an exclusive look behind the scenes of 'Episode I' – and a glimpse of an old friend…
  • Rebel Assault II
    Following on from last issue's player's guide to Dark Forces, we present a solution to LucasArts' Rebel Assault II. Playstation not included.
  • Game On
    We sent our gaming gurus into their attics to compile the ultimate guide to Star Wars video games. Time to dust off your ZX Spectrum
  • Comic Strip: Shadow Stalker part three
    On the planet Corulag, Jix finds that assassinating Governor Torlock isn't going to be as straightforward as he'd hoped. Especially when he's double-crossed…
  • Second Trooper: I, Lobot
    Lobot actor John Hollis recalls some heady days during production of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Jawas' Corner
    The best new Star Wars merchandise, from both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Role-playing round-up
    More reviews of the most recent supplements for the Star Wars role-playing game.
  • Comlink
    The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition in retrospective, and the debate over the infamous 'Greedo incident' continues.
  • Q&A
    Your queries about the Star Wars universe answered.

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