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Star wars dvd cover

The DVD cover of the Original trilogy

The Star Wars Trilogy was the first release of the original trilogy on DVD.

The collection was released in September 2004, coinciding with the release of Star Wars: Battlefront. In a CNN interview, George Lucas stated that he had originally planned to release the DVDs in 2007, but brought the date forward due to concerns that piracy was affecting market sales.


The set included:

The movies on the DVDs were not the original theatrical versions, but new edits utilizing many of the changes made for the 1997 Special Edition versions (altering or removing some), while also including additional changes.

In addition to an extensive and comprehensive high-definition digital cleanup and restoration job by Lowry Digital, several major image adjustments were made in order to make the films visually resemble the prequel trilogy. With this release, Lucasfilm created a new high-definition master of the films.


Many reviews praised the DVDs for the exceptional sharpness and clarity of image that resulted from Lowry's cleanup work.[1]

However other reviewers were more critical, and criticized some aspects of the A New Hope DVD such as:

  • The new color pass, with saturated blue tones and crushed blacks.[2]
  • Audio issues in the new 5.1 mix, including music reversed in the rear channels and the dialling out of important sections of John Williams' score.[3]
  • The dirt removal algorithm adversely affecting subtle detail, such as starfields and laserblast glows.[4]

Upon release, many fans were upset by the impossibility of legally obtaining DVDs of the original theatrical releases. However, the original theatrical versions were released on DVD in 2006.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is a hidden blooper reel on the bonus material DVD of this boxset. To access it, go to "Video Games and Still Galleries", highlight "Exclusive Production Photos", and enter on your remote: 11, enter, 3, enter, 8, enter.

Luke Skywalker's lightsaber has been colored green while he practices on the Millennium Falcon, but is blue when he first uses it on Tatooine.

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