Star Wars: X-wing Alliance: Prima's Official Strategy Guide was a strategy guide published by Prima Games for Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. It was written by John Drake and Doug Barnett and was published by Prima Games on May 3, 1999. Included free with the guide was a CD providing an upgrade to the game proper, including additional skirmish templates, a camera feature present in the other games of the series and films of every mission in the game.

It is primarily told from two perspectives: a real world perspective providing readers with information on the basic controls of the game, tips to help succeed, and general strategies on how to progress through the game's storyline, and an in-universe perspective of the game's storyline, as related to the reader by the Azzameen family droid Emkay.

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Publisher's summaryEdit

This ain't like dusting crops, boy!

  • Complete ship descriptions
  • Techniques for flying each of the spacecraft, including the Millennium Falcon
  • Winning strategies and detailed stats for every mission
  • Ship-to-ship combat maneuvers
  • Written by the X-wing Alliance lead tester and manual contributor

Included on the CD:

  • New flight camera feature for filming your missions
  • Films of every mission
  • Additional skirmish templates


  • Introduction
  • Part One: Combat Piloting for Beginners
    • Chapter 1: The Basics
    • Chapter 2: Combat Systems and Situations
    • Chapter 3: Advanced Techniques
  • Part Two: A Path to Victory
    • Chapter 4: Family Business
    • Chapter 5: Joining the Rebellion
    • Chapter 6: The Pilot Proving Grounds
    • Chapter 7: Clearing the Way
    • Chapter 8: Secret Weapons of the Empire
    • Chapter 9: Over the Fence
    • Chapter 10: The Bothan Connection
    • Chapter 11: Mustering the Fleet
    • Chapter 12: The Darkest Hour
    • Chapter 13: The Battle of Endor
  • Part Three: Command Decision in the Combat Simulator
    • Chapter 14: Building a Skirmish Template
    • Chapter 15: Spacecraft Specifications
  • New Features for the Upgrade
  • Charts and Tables
  • Index


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