Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge Activity Center was a game made by Lucas Learning in 1999. The premise was that after the Battle of Naboo, many things were left to accomplish. You were a promising kid brought to Yoda by Obi-Wan Kenobi, aiding in a quest to complete the tasks.

Opening crawlEdit

The Republic has won a great victory at the<br>
Battle of Naboo. The Trade Fedration blockade<br>
has been destroyed and the deadly Darth Maul<br>
has been defeated. Queen Amidala has returned to<br>
her people in triumph.

The cost of victory was great. Qui-Gon and<br>
many brave Gungans and Naboo perished in<br>
the final battle. Much still remains to be<br>
accomplished. Yoda has returned to the Palace<br>
of the Jedi, where he awaits the arrival of a young<br>
new recruit sent by Obi-Wan...


The game features six activities. Each mini-game came with four levels: green, yellow, orange and red. Green was the easiest, and red was the most difficult.

  • Race at Theed

The Victory Races of Naboo were for peace on the planet between the Naboo and the Gungans. You are supposed to plot the best path for whoever you were playing for.

  • Trap Droids

There are many battle droids still on Naboo, destroying the Sacred Forest. You are supposed to help Jar Jar Binks trap the droids in a series of traps, triggered by the correct beat on bongos.

  • Fix Amidala's computer

Queen Amidala's computer on her royal starship is jumbled, and she lost many valuable pictures. In the first row were all the vehicles and the second had all the characters.

  • Program C-3PO

Anakin Skywalker's droid, C-3PO, is still on Tatooine. He is going to be programmed many stories, sentence by sentence.

  • Explore Gungan Caves

Four ancient relics were lost and locked behind doors. You have to navigate the Gungan Caves to find the 10 jewel keys that open each door and retrieve the relic.

  • Make Anakin's songbook

After Anakin Skywalker left Tatooine, some people thought it was a good idea to give him a songbook to remember the place. You, with the aid of a Bith band, will input each song for him.


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