Star Wars is a comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics that began in January 2013.[1][2][3][4][5] The series takes place between Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. It concluded with issue 20 on August 13, 2014.

On August 14, 2013, author Brian Wood announced on social media that he was contracted to continue writing for Star Wars through issue twenty, at which time he expects to conclude his writing responsibilities with the series.[6]

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Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
IssueTitlePublication dateTrade paperbackTPB pub date
In the Shadow of YavinStar Wars Volume 1: In the Shadow of YavinSeptember 18, 2013
1In the Shadow of Yavin, Part OneJanuary 9, 2013
2In the Shadow of Yavin, Part TwoFebruary 13, 2013
3In the Shadow of Yavin, Part ThreeMarch 13, 2013
4In the Shadow of Yavin, Part FourApril 10, 2013
5Star Wars 5May 8, 2013
6Star Wars 6June 12, 2013
From the Ruins of AlderaanStar Wars Volume 2: From the Ruins of AlderaanApril 16, 2014
7Star Wars 7July 10, 2013
8Star Wars 8August 14, 2013
9Star Wars 9September 11, 2013
10Star Wars 10October 9, 2013
11Star Wars 11November 13, 2013
12Star Wars 12December 11, 2013
Five Days of SithStar Wars Volume 4: A Shattered HopeOctober 15, 2014
13Star Wars 13: Five Days of Sith, Part OneJanuary 8, 2014
14Star Wars 14: Five Days of Sith, Part TwoFebruary 12, 2014
Rebel GirlStar Wars Volume 3: Rebel GirlOctober 1, 2014
15Star Wars 15March 12, 2014
16Star Wars 16April 9, 2014
17Star Wars 17May 14, 2014
18Star Wars 18June 11, 2014
A Shattered HopeStar Wars Volume 4: A Shattered HopeOctober 15, 2014
19Star Wars 19July 9, 2014
20Star Wars 20August 13, 2014


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