Star Wars is a digital Star Wars comic series written and drawn by Hong Jac Ga. Originally published by Daumkakao, the first episode of the web comic was uploaded on April 10, 2015 while the English version was published by LINE Webtoon on October 1, 2015 with the first three episodes. The web comic retells the story of the original trilogy in all-new way from the perspective of Luke Skywalker.[3] Due to cultural interpretation, some of the dialogue and order of events have minor changes from the film placing the comic's canonicity in a "grey area."[4] The comic was uploaded every Thursday and Sunday for free at LINE Webtoons.[3] The original title is translated directly to Star Wars: Story Before The Force Awakens, implying its purpose to promote the then upcoming movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Korean audiences.


Color code key:
Collected (TPB) comic Released comic Future comic
ChapterNamePublication date
1"An Old Friend" October 1, 2015
2"Meeting the Droids" October 1, 2015
3"Beginning of an Adventure" October 1, 2015
4"Only Hope" October 4, 2015
5"Escape" October 8, 2015
6"Death Star" October 11, 2015
7"Rescue" October 15, 2015
8"Darth Vader" October 18, 2015
9"Vanishing into the Force" October 22, 2015
10"The Little Spark" October 25, 2015
11"X-Wing" October 29, 2015
12"One-shot" November 1, 2015
13"Awakening of the Force" November 5, 2015-
14"Miracle of Yavin" November 8, 2015
15"Suffering" November 12, 2015
16"Strike" November 15, 2015
17"Retreat" November 19, 2015
18"Dagobah" November 22, 2015
19"Master Yoda" November 26, 2015
20"Training" November 29, 2015
21"Dark Side of the Force" December 3, 2015
22"Calling" December 6, 2015
23"Trap" December 10, 2015
24"Unprepared Duel" December 13, 2015
25"The Cruel Truth" December 17, 2015
26"Choice" December 20, 2015
27"Determination" December 24, 2015
28"Jabba's Palace" December 27, 2015
29"Pit of Carkoon" December 31, 2015
30"Lightsaber" January 3, 2016
31"Rescue" January 7, 2016
32"Secret of Birth" January 10, 2016
33"Forest Moon" January 14, 2016
34"Protectors of the Forest" January 17, 2016
35"Surrender" January 21, 2016
36"The Emperor" January 31, 2016
37"Rage" February 7, 2016
38"Light vs. Dark" February 14, 2016
39"Epiphany" February 21, 2016
40"The End" February 28, 2016


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Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea



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Organizations and titles

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Vehicles and vessels

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Notes and referencesEdit

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