Star Wars 24: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part IV

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Vader's revelation

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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from a recently released or soon-to-be-released product. Caution is advised.


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Star Wars 24: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part IV is the upcoming twenty-fourth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars. Written by Jason Aaron, it will be published on October 26, 2016.

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Book V, Part IV
It is a time of renewed hope for the Rebel Alliance as
heroic rebel soldiers strive to undermine Imperial forces
throughout the galaxy.

The Alliance puts its heroes, pilot Luke Skywalker,
Princess Leia, and smuggler-turned-soldier Han Solo,
at the helm of a major mission to rescue an ally planet,
Tureen VII. The first step: capture a massive Star
Destroyer — a ship with a crew of a thousand and the might
of the Empire behind it.

The Rebel seizure of the Star Destroyer attracts the
attention of Darth Vader, who dispatches an elite group
of stormtroopers — led by the bloodthirsty Sergeant
Kreel — to retake it. Leia, Luke, Han, and a skeleton
crew of rebels prepare to face the fight that awaits
them at Tureen VII....[3]


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