This article is about the third issue of the canon IDW Publishing comic series. You may be looking for the third novel in the Scholastic Inc. Star Wars Adventures series or the third issue of the Egmont UK Ltd magazine.

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This page contains information about a confirmed future comic.

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Star Wars Adventures 3 is the third issue in the Star Wars Adventures series of comics aimed at "next generation of comic book fans". It will be released on October 18, 2017 by IDW Publishing.[1]

Publisher's summaryEdit

When Finn finds an adorable baby creature hiding in an Imperial ship, it's up to him to find a home for the mischief maker before Captain Phasma kicks them both into space!

  • Plus an exciting new TALES OF WILDSPACE!
  • From the team of the beloved series, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade![1]



Cover galleryEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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