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Star Wars Episode VIII
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Rian Johnson[1]

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Star Wars Episode VII[2]

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Star Wars Episode IX[2]

Star Wars Episode VIII is the planned eighth live-action theatrical installment in the Star Wars episodic saga, to be produced under the new Disney-Lucasfilm brand. It is scheduled for release in 2017 and will be written and directed by Rian Johnson.


Unofficial reports claimed in November 2012 that Lawrence Kasdan—who originally wrote the screenplays for both Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi—and Simon Kinberg would divide writing responsibilities for Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX, and both would co-produce all three films of the upcoming sequel trilogy, alongside Kathleen Kennedy.[5] In February 2013, Disney revealed that Kasdan and Kinberg were working on standalone films as well.[6]

During a concert with the Young Musician's Foundation Debut Orchestra on February 9, composer John Williams stated that he was hoping to get the chance to write the musical scores for the entire new trilogy.[7] It was implied in Star Wars Insider 144 that he would score the entire "new Star Wars trilogy,"[8] but Lucasfilm clarified that he has only been confirmed for Episode VII.[9]

On June 20, 2014, a spokesperson for director Rian Johnson confirmed that he will write and direct Episode VIII, as well as pen a story treatment for Star Wars Episode IX.[1] Ram Bergman, Johnson's frequent collaborator, was also confirmed to be brought onto the project as a producer, working alongside Kathleen Kennedy.[1] To prepare for Episode VIII, Johnson and crew have been screening select classic films such as Twelve O'Clock High and Letter Never Sent.[10]

On August 7, 2014, it was reported that actress Daisy Ridley, who will play a lead role in Episode VII, may reprise her role in both Episodes VIII and IX.[11]


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Daisy Ridley[11]



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