The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline was created in 1992 by Joseph Bongiorno. It was originally a Word document that was periodically updated and sent to Bill Smith for West End Games and later Bob Cooper for Dark Horse Comics prior to its being presented online.

A continual work-in-progress, the chronology incorporates every published (and occasionally unpublished) story licensed by Lucasfilm in the Star Wars Universe, presented in the sequence in which the story occurs. It is broken down into sections by era as well as a "Complete History" section which incorporates every era.

The purpose of this timeline is to provide an accurate and comprehensive reading order for new and old fans alike. It is supplemented by publisher information for those looking to track down stories, as well as a cover gallery of each item to aid in this endeavor. In addition, there are essays, reviews, continuity notes, recommended reading lists and the contents of two unpublished Star Wars Adventure Journals.

The chronology focuses on the main events and characters of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, relegating ancillary characters and events to a "Circa" section under each appropriate time-frame. This presentation provides a sequence of events that is less cluttered (for those instances where several different story-events are occurring contemporaneously) and aids readers in following a relatively unbroken narrative of the primary heroes, villains, rogues and historic events of the Star Wars series.ndjdkdk

The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline is part of a site that includes extensive chronologies of the Oz books, the X-Files, Lord of the Rings and Swamp Thing.

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