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Star Wars Galactic Adventures is a young-readers title from Disney–Lucasfilm Press that adapts Star Wars original trilogy titles in the World of Reading series. It has been published as a storybook in two different boxed sets, the Star Wars Storytime Tin (2015) and Star Wars Reading Adventures (2016).

The book's 2015 edition, sixty-four pages in length, adapts the titles Use the Force, Escape from Jabba's Palace, and The Ewoks Join the Fight. The 2016 edition, ninety-six pages in length, adapts the titles Escape from Darth Vader, Death Star Battle (under the chapter title "Destroy the Death Star"), AT-AT Attack! (under the chapter title "The Battle of Hoth"), Use the Force (under the chapter title "A Jedi, You Must Become"), Rescue from Jabba's Palace, and The Ewoks Join the Fight.



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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Hachette Business Portal product page for the Star Wars Storytime Tin provides a July 20, 2015 publication date for the boxed set, in which Star Wars Galactic Adventures was included.
  2. Star Wars Galactic Adventures

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