Star Wars Kids 10 is the tenth issue of Star Wars Kids magazine, published by Scholastic as a companion piece to the Star Wars: Episode I Adventures young-readers series and roleplaying game. Issue 10 was released in June 2000.


  • SWK Mailbox/Art Park
  • Jawa Tech Talk: C-3PO
  • The Naked Truth About C-3PO!
  • SWK Collector of the Month
  • Through the Core Puzzlers
  • How to Draw Star Wars Naboo Starfighter!
  • Pull-Out Poster
  • Bionics — The Future Is Now!
  • Rudy's Story
  • Trivia Blast!
  • SWK Special Edition: Diggin' Up Bones!
  • Dino Hunter Maze
  • He's So Wizard!
  • Puzzle Answers and Credits
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