Star Wars Kids 5 is the fifth issue of Star Wars Kids magazine. It was published by The Fan Club, Inc. in August/September 1999. This issue featured the final two parts of the comic story Imperial Spy, written by Mike W. Barr and first published in Scholastic's original Star Wars Kids magazine series.


Regular FeaturesEdit

Special This IssueEdit

  • Meet Jar Jar Binks
  • Astronaut Ken Cockrell Chats with SWK
  • Phantom Funnies
  • Lightsabers! Camera! Action!
  • In the Studio with Artist John Alvin
  • Eureka! How Did They Invent That?
  • Jedi Jackson: Samuel L. Jackson Matches Wits with Yoda
  • Y2K Mania! Have You Got the Bug?
  • How to Draw Star Wars: R2-D2
  • Spiders!
  • Hot Reads for Cool Kids

Comics, Games, PuzzlesEdit

  • SWK Comic: "Imperial Spy," Part 4
  • Episode I Heroes vs. Villains Word Search
  • Finger Wars
  • Star Wars License Plate Game
  • A-maze-ing Maul!
  • Mos Espa Puzzle Adventure
  • Star Wars Trivia Blast
  • SWK Comic: "Imperial Spy," Part 5
  • Puzzle Answers and Credits
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