Star Wars Kids 6 is the sixth issue of Star Wars Kids magazine. It was published by The Fan Club, Inc. in October/November 1999. This issue featured the first two parts of the comic story "Death Star Pirates", written by Henry Gilroy and first published in Scholastic's original Star Wars Kids magazine series.


Regular FeaturesEdit

Special This IssueEdit

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Episode I's Super-cool Jedi
  • Go Aboard the Bongo
  • Gargoyles!
  • Draw Jar Jar Binks
  • Harry Houdini — Master Magician
  • Talk Back to SWK!
  • Alien Vacation
  • Old School vs. New School Star Wars
  • Jedi Journalist: A Young Jedi Journeys to the Star Wars Celebration
  • He's the Boss! Brian Blessed Rules Otoh Gunga as Boss Nass
  • Ben Burtt Sounds Off!

Comics, Games, PuzzlesEdit

  • Star Wars Character Cut-ups
  • SWK Comic: "Death Star Pirates," Part 1
  • Mummy Crossword
  • Trivia Blast
  • Jedi Lessons
  • Monster Repellent
  • Podrace Puzzlers
  • SWK Comic: "Death Star Pirates," Part 2
  • Puzzle Answers and Credits
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