Star Wars Kids 8 is the eighth and final issue of Star Wars Kids magazine. It was published by The Fan Club, Inc. in Spring 2000. This issue featured the fifth and final part of the comic story "Death Star Pirates", written by Henry Gilroy and first published in Scholastic's original Star Wars Kids magazine series.


Regular FeaturesEdit

Special This IssueEdit

  • The "Art" of Fighting
  • Frank Oz: The "Wiz" Guy Who Brings Yoda to Life!
  • Legend, Mystery, Gold! Adventures Await You on The Road to El Dorado!
  • Draw Star Wars: Darth Maul
  • Pull-Out Poster: Star Wars Rocks!
  • When Aliens Attack!
  • Invasion of the Body Creatures: Learn About Microscopic Creatures That Inhabit Planet "Human Body"!
  • Get Set for Disney's Amazing Prehistoric Journey — Dinosaur!
  • SWK Special Edition: Diggin' Up Bones!
  • Secrets of the Sith: A Private Tour of Darth Maul's Infiltrator
  • Real-Life Mind Tricks
  • ePEZode I
  • Talk About a Scene Stealer: Silas Carson Plays a Jedi, a Neimoidian, and a Pilot in Episode I!

Comics, Games, PuzzlesEdit

  • SWK Comic: "Death Star Pirates," Part 5
  • Coruscant Puzzlers
  • Help Build C-3PO!
  • The Invasion Game
  • Dino-"Maze"-Ing!
  • Puzzle Answers and Credits
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