The Star Wars Line, also known as The Million Nerd Wait, as it had come to be called, was a collection of people who wanted Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith to be shown where they felt it was traditionally appropriate for it to be shown. They waited outside a theater that did not show the movie, leaving the fans in line sitting for more than one month in a line that did not play the movie they were waiting for. They were in costume, and ready for the wait. Some people started lining up for it around April 4, 2005 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The line contributed to the Starlight Starbright charity and even had a phone number, (323) 462-9609, which was simply a payphone near the line. They did not plan to move until close to the playing time for the movie at the nearby Arclight Theatre. The movie finally opened on May 19.

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