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Star Wars Magazine UK 53 was the 53rd issue of the Star Wars Magazine UK.

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  • News - Com-Scan
  • Prequel Update - Back To The Future!
  • Cover Story - Blue Sky Minds: The Artists Of Episode III
  • Interview - The Old Master: Ralph McQuarrie
  • Retrospective - Poster Perfect: Painting A Thousand Words
  • Behind The Scenes - "Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try": The Making Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy
  • DVD Launch - Chewie In London
  • Report - A State Of Nelvana: Droids Ewoks Hour Revisited
  • Collecting - Forceful Makeovers: Feng Shui
  • Short Story - Changing Seasons, Part 2: People of the Guardian
  • Collecting - Scouting The Galaxy
  • Collecting - Books
  • Collecting - Comics
  • Set Piece - Hoth Battlefront
  • Letters - Q & A
  • Letters - Com-Link
  • Shop - Jawa-Trader

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