"The Future of the Galaxy Depends On You"

Star Wars Missions was a young-readers series and roleplaying game published by Scholastic beginning in September 1997. The series, developed by David Levithan, lasted for twenty adventure books, which were authored by Ryder Windham and Dave Wolverton. Scholastic introduced the Star Wars: Episode I Adventures game in September 1999 as a follow-up to Star Wars Missions.


Star Wars Missions originally shipped to subscribers in a black cardboard box featuring illustrations of the Rebel Alliance X-wing starfighter and the Imperial TIE fighter. This box contained a black Darth Vader carrying case, referred to as the Star Wars Missions Kit, which further contained the following items:

Game booksEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Star Wars Missions Mission Guide
  2. Star Wars Missions 1: Assault on Yavin Four, the opening adventure in the Star Wars Missions series, begins its narrative the day after the Battle of Yavin. This time period corresponds to the year 0 ABY, according to The New Essential Chronology.

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