Star Wars Missions 16: Imperial Jailbreak

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Star Wars Missions 16: Imperial Jailbreak was the sixteenth installment of Star Wars Missions.


A powerful weapon is being held at the Imperial prison on Merakai. You must retrieve it... or face severe punishment. The hitch? You must break into and then back out of the prison – without getting caught. Your mission: to engineer the biggest jailbreak in Merakai history!

Good luck.


Learning that The Heart of Steel has been captured and sent to a prison on Merakai, Grand Moff 4-8C travels to the swamp planet with due haste. On his ship, the Zaker Besar, former Captain of the M'hendosat, Kassihm, barters with the Grand Moff for his life. Offering to help in the retrieval of B-1D4 from Merakai, the Nikto begins planning his own escape from 4-8C.

The Imperials break into Merakai Prison through an underwater vent, and proceed to search for Wondeefor. Masquerading as an inspector one of the Imperials makes their way through the facility, encountering abrasive cooking droids and the like. With 4-8C accompanying him, he finds Wondeefor in the clutches of a torture droid. Saving 1D4, the Imperial provokes a prison riot, freeing Han Solo and his Rebel compatriots. The Imperials are able to escape, despite combating guards and pursuing TIE/LN starfighters.

On the way back to the Zakeer Besar, Kassihm deactivates and dismantles 4-8C, and rescues the Rebels, offering his services.


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