Menace Revealed is the tenth Star Wars Omnibus collection from Dark Horse Comics.

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This is Dark Horse's largest omnibus of never-before-collected and out-of-print Star Wars stories. Included here are one-shot adventures; short story arcs; specialty issues; and early Dark Horse Extra comic strips! All of these tales take place after Episode I The Phantom Menace, and lead up to Episode II Attack of the Clones.

In Jedi Quest, Anakin Skywalker will work to overcome his fears while on a mission to protect a freighter from pirates. Starfighter: Crossbones pits pirate against pirate, featuring the intimidating Captain Nym. This omnibus collects Star Wars #27: "Starcrash"; Star Wars: The Hunt for Aurra Sing; Star Wars: Jedi Quest #1-4; Star Wars Starfighter: Crossbones #1-3; Star Wars Episode II Hasbro Minicomics #1-4; Dark Horse Extra #35-37; "Heart of Fire" ; Dark Horse Extra #44-47, "Poison Moon."

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Having become aware of an emerging Sith Threat by the events in The Phantom Menace, the Jedi perceive a shadow falling across the galaxy, accompanied by increased criminal activity among mercenaries, pirates, slavers, assassins and bounty hunters. Now the injustice the Jedi fight seems to herald a perilous future - especially when some villains become indistinguishable from the heroes, and some heroes turn out to be villains...

This volume contains hard-to-find soties from Dark Horse Extra, mini-comics included with Hasbro's Star Wars toys, issues of Dark Horse Comics Star Wars series, and the story Jedi Quest, which have never before been collected.

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