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SWPM BaseSet
Base Set
Publication information

Star Wars PocketModel TCG



Publication date

June 19, 2007

General information
  • 120 playing cards
    • 100 Combat cards
    • 20 Objectives
  • 36 Styrene sheets
    • 81 space units
Followed by

Ground Assault

Released on June 19, 2007, the first installment of the Star Wars PocketModel TCGTM trading card game—also referred to as the Base Set—introduced one hundred-twenty cards and thirty six units with which to play the game with. Units included ship classes from the original and prequel films, as well as from the Expanded Universe, representing Rebel, Imperial, Republic, and Separatist forces.



Supplemental ReleasesEdit

The following is a list of special releases for Star Wars PocketModel TCG that were available in addition to the game's expansion updates:

Sample Pack distributed at launch of Star Wars PocketModel TCG

Demo PackEdit

Demo Packs released at the Star Wars Celebration IV WizKids Booth (CIV Demo) contained Base Set unit sheet 1, and 2 random cards (contents were also available in Base Set booster packs).

  • 1x Red Squadron X-wing
  • 1x Dark Squadron TIE fighter
  • 1x Scythe Squadron TIE fighter

Demo Packs released at participating game shops on launch date only (LGS Demo) contained Base Set unit sheet 1, and 2 random cards (although demo units were printed with alternate art, the contents were also available in Base Set booster packs).

  • 1x Red Squadron X-wing
  • 1x Dark Squadron TIE fighter
  • 1x Scythe Squadron TIE fighter

Imperial Power-up PackEdit

Imperial Power-up Pack with pre-built Devastator

The Imperial Power-up Pack—also called the IPuP—came with three versions of packaged contents, all including three exclusive styrene sheets of units and an Imperial-themed thirty-card deck. The contents of the IPuP included the exclusive pre-constructed Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Devastator, two regular-sized dice, complete rules with strategy guide, as well as exclusive alternate cards and coupons offered as specific store exclusives.

  • 2 x Concentration
  • 2 x Coordination
  • 1 x Dogfighting
  • 1 x Easy Target
  • 2 x Inspired
  • 2 x Lucky Break
  • 2 x Pick Off
  • 1 x Protocol Droid
  • 1 x Reasonable Risk
  • 2 x Scoundrel's Luck
  • 2 x Swarm Tactics
  • 2 x Death Star Trench
  • 1 x Acceptable Loss
  • 1 x Veteran Pilot
  • 1 x Death Star Hangar
  • 1 x Detention Block AA-23

Promotional Units

Promotional Cards

Store exclusives

Depending on the retailer the IPuP was purchased at, the box contained the following exclusive items.

Other game related material

  • 2 Standard-sized dice (Red or Black)
  • 1 Rule Book/Strategy Guide

Mail-away Redemption UnitsEdit

Imperial Power-up Packs sold at Target, WalMart and Meijer contained a mail-in form for a special promotional sheet of three units. IPuPs sold at local gaming shops were excluded from this promotion.

Target couponEdit

Walmart/Meijer couponEdit

30th Anniversary Collector's TinEdit

Star Wars Celebration IV Tin

The 30th Anniversary Collector's Tin sold at the WizKids booth during Celebration IV (CIV tin) included the Millennium Falcon YT-1300 Light Freighter Episode III variant - Revenge of the Sith variant (called the CIV Falcon by collectors to differentiate it from the Millennium Falcon game piece in the Base Set), and five sealed booster packs. Later, the tin was redistributed without the CIV Falcon unit.

Celebration IV Promotional UnitEdit

Aside from the random units packaged in five boosters that were included, each collector's tin sold at Celebration IV contained a limited edition Millennium Falcon game piece.

Other ExpansionsEdit

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