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Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid is a free online Star Wars Rebels browser game developed by Disney Interactive. The game was released on and on July 16, 2014.[1]

Official descriptionEdit

Many years into the reign of the evil Galactic Empire, a small band of rebels, led by Kanan Jarrus, did their part to strike against Imperial tyranny. Flying the starship Ghost, the ragtag crew performed a series of daring raiding missions on imperial supply ships, hoping to capture their cargo and deliver them to the growing resistance....[2]

Plot summaryEdit

In 5 BBY,[4] a group of rebels pursued and raid a Galactic Empire convoy to Ryloth, Christophsis, Kashyyyk, and Toydaria. They then stopped for resupply on Lothal, and decided to stay and help the planet long-term.


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Notes and referencesEdit

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