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"Our society needs kids to be more interested in science and engineering, and this is a small part in reaching them. We think there isn't a better way to inspire kids than through the science and technology of Star Wars"
―Frank Adler, executive vice president of Uncle Milton[src]

Star Wars Science is a line of educational toys developed by the Uncle Milton industries, designed to both entertain and educate young minds. These engaging products teach the scientific workings and applications behind robotics, optics, visual projection and much more.

The products, such as The Force Trainer, are designed to excite and amaze both children and fans of all ages, as consumers can feel what it might be like to channel the Force to levitate a Jedi training remote through real mind control.

Aspiring Star Wars biologists can also raise freshwater crustaceans and tadpoles in authentic Star Wars habitats. Properly referred to as triops longicaudatus, these little crustaceans are found in the southwestern United States.

Uncle Milton's other scaled Star Wars ecosystem is the Dagobah Frog Habitat. The set includes a mail-in coupon for live tadpoles that can be raised within Yoda's humble environment. Uncle Milton also produces items such as a Darth Vader Robotic Arm Kit, a Jedi Telescope, and an Optical Command Unit that works as a multi-functional reconnaissance device that can be assembled into binoculars, a magnifier, and a mini-projector with "holographic" images. For larger display, the LED Jedi projector showcases the vehicles of the Clone Wars, with a 24-image slide show, narrated by Captain Rex, and the erupting volcano of Mustafar.

Uncle Milton hopes to help reverse the decline of American students pursuing careers as scientists and engineers.

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