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The Star Wars Comic Strip was published in newspapers from 1979 to 1984, and was distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and the Watertown Daily Times.


In addition to the black and white daily strips, a color Sunday strip was published which originally included different stories from the daily installments. The Sunday strips were eventually part of the daily stories.

The strip first featured writing and art by Russ Manning until poor health forced him to retire from the strip. Archie Goodwin took over the series with Planet of Kadril, which he wrote under the name Russ Helm. Goodwin was then credited in his follow up story, an adaptation of the novel Han Solo at Stars' End. Artist Al Williamson joined Goodwin for the next story, The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell, and their partnership continued until the final strip, published in 1984.


Most of these stories were edited, colored and reprinted in the form of comic book series by Dark Horse Comics decades later -- Goodwin and Williamson's strips in Classic Star Wars, Manning's in Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures. These comics did not include Planet of Kadril or the Sunday strips. Later, Han Solo at Stars' End was reprinted under the Classic Star Wars title, as was the Sunday strip The Constancia Affair. The Star Wars Scrapbook is a department of the comic strip.

In 2005,'s Hyperspace began publishing the newspaper strips alongside all-new stories. All of Manning's daily strips were included, as were most of Goodwin's. For those comic strips (re)printed online, see webstrips.

According to the Star Wars Insider magazine's Special 2012 Edition's article "The Empire Strips Back", the comics were planned to be collected and put in an anthology by Dark Horse Comics.




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