Starfighter: Crossbones 2 was the second of three issues in the Starfighter: Crossbones comic tie-in to the Starfighter video game.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The solo adventure featuring Nym, the rowdy alien mercenary from LucasArts' Starfighter video game, continues in part two of the Crossbones limited series. After accepting a mission to hunt down the deadly pirate Sol Sixxa, Nym travels to the planet Maramere—located in the heart of a massive Trade Federation operation. After dodging the Trade Federation, Nym does a bit of wreck diving in Maramere's watery depths, searching for clues to Sol Sixxa's whereabouts...

Plot summaryEdit

A Mere ship stumbles across the Haunted Straits and is ambused by Sol Sixxa who cuts off their retreat with speeders. Despite the Captain of the ship proclaiming to be holding refugees trying to escape the Trade Federation, Sol then orders the ship to be sunk with the Captain.

Elsewhere, Nym in his Havoc bomber were being chased by Droid Starfighters causing him to be late for rendezvousing with Loreli Ro. After dispatching the pursuing fighters both Harro Ruuk and Sol Sixxa's scouts managed to spot his ship and reported back to their leaders, who ordered them to keep watch.

At Point Modie Nym manages to reach Loreli who informs him on that Sol has hidden himself too deep to be spotted from the air and brings him to the Cutter called Sunrunner. His biggest grip was that the ship had no weapons which Loreli pointed to the Trade Federation prohibiting the Mere from legally arming their ships. Unfettered by this, he ordered Jinkins to put on a life jacket and get the ship ready, Jannik to get his clan every Blaster they could carry from the Havoc and its Bomblet generator, Kole was told to go to the cantinas for any information on Sol Sixxa and Loreli Ro was told to plot a course on the Sunrunner.

The Sunrunner arrived at the Syren's location, which Nym hoped to study its damage first hand to see what weapons Sixxa may be packing. When he swam to the wrecked ship he reported the damage done to the ship and found PL-37's head, which he could get some information out of, and some treasure, which he felt was some extra "danger pay". But a Relix arrived and attacked him. Unable to out run the predatory fish, he managed to throw the Sunrunner's anchor into the Relix's mouth, causing it to bite off his cyber arm and ordered Jinkins to full speed forcing the fish to surface and be blastered by Jannik's clan. Jinkins then managed to reactivate the Droid's head to learn of the Syren was carrying experimental technology before it burnt out.

Harro Ruuk would soon learn that PL-37 was reactivated and could be tracked, he ordered his forces to wait, knowing that Nym would lead his forces to Sixxa, so he could take them both out in a single strike. Kole would soon learn in the Silver Cloud that the Refugee Captain had survived and was ordered to bring him to Nym. Meanwhile, Sol Sixxa was also informed that the Captain survived and Nym was soon to reach him. He told them to let them come, he will be waiting.



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