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Starfighters Down is a roleplaying adventure written by William W. Connors and published in Challenge 38. It was compatible with the West End Games role-playing system.

Plot summaryEdit

Commander Fenris of the Alliance to Restore the Republic gave a briefing relating an attack on the Imperial Executor-class Star Dreadnought Enforcer. The attack was led by Luke Skywalker near the planet Bespin and was almost successful until Imperial reinforcements arrived and drove back the Rebels. Fenris then reported that the Empire had retaliated by attacking what they believed to be an active Rebel base on Ahlenn—it had in fact been abandoned some months before.

Following this, Imperial Admiral Kohrin who was in command of the Enforcer sent it to Phaylenn for repairs. With this background, Fenris then outlined and later led an attack on the Enforcer, destroying both it and the Phaylenn repair yard.


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