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Stargazer billboard

A billboard advertisement for Stargazer.

Stargazer was musical act performed on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. Advertisements in the form of billboards and poster were put up around the planet in order to promote it.

Behind the scenesEdit


A Stargazer poster in Tiggs Leo's Tavern

A Stargazer poster is first seen inside the building where Anakin Skywalker goes to fetch the criminal Car Affa in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode Lightsaber Lost. In the episode, the poster is seen from far away and the Aurebesh caption is unreadable. A billboard advertising Stargazer is seen in close-up in Duchess of Mandalore, when the assassin throws the thermal detonator, but the caption is off camera. The Aurebesh symbols are not seen until the poster is seen in Moshi Bar in Lethal Trackdown. The poster is seen again in an alley at the Coruscant market in Evil Plans, although the caption is unreadable.



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