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The Starlite Cloud was a Sullustan cruise liner that visited Brentaal in 6 BBY. During its stopover there, the twelve-year-old Platt Okeefe joined the crew as a cabin steward. She worked on the ship for two years before leaving for another job.[1] Also among its crewmembers was the Mon Calamari Mussat Nasrabi who served as chief engineer.[2]

While on Kuat, the rebel agent Rixen used finding directions to the Starlite Cloud as a cover for her conversation with the information droid, L1V-IN.[3] The Rebel agent Iona Wince also served as crew on the liner.[4] In 3 ABY, the cruise liner was chartered by the performers of the Kallea Cycle for their tour of the Core and Colonies regions.[5]



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