"Stars and Moons" was the name of a Chandrilan flatsculp owned by Moff Ammar until it was stolen by Cunbus Locb.


"Stars and Moons" was the creation of a well-known and respected artist from Chandrila.

Circa 1 BBY, "Stars and Moons" was the property of Moff Ammar of the Portmoak sector, a notorious art collector. This fact was discovered by Sullustan gambler Cunbus Locb, who since coveted "Stars and Moons." Locb prepared a convoluted scheme to con Ammar and get "Stars and Moons." In case his idea failed, Locb also manufactured a forgery of "Stars and Moons", intending to swap the two pieces; he hid the fake in a concealed compartment of his ship, Distant Wind.

Locb successfully played sabacc with Ammar, cheated and won "Stars and Moons" in a high-stake hand. Locb promptly concealed the original craft in a second secret space of the Wind.

Ammar discovered Locb's treachery and executed him. Correctly deducing that "Stars and Moons" would be in the Distant Wind, Ammar ordered the ship impounded and scrutinized, but neither the original or the copy were found. Ammar eventually sent the Wind to a public auction and offered a big reward for "Stars and Moons." Most art dealers in the area thus were familiar with "Stars and Moons" being a stolen flatsculp.