The Starscape-class yacht was an elegant and very rare yacht created by Eleaor Propulsion. The most notable ship of this class was the Visionary, the personal transport of Exchange boss G0-T0.



The Visionary.

After his contacts notified him that Eleaor Propulsion was expanding into luxury yachts, crime boss G0-T0 calculated that a stronger Eleaor would benefit his efforts to stabilize the crumbling Republic. G0-T0 decided to commission the prototype of the Starscape-class yacht, which became known as the Visionary, and outfitted it with many internal and external defenses at the Nar Shaddaa shipyards. Among these was a Stygium crystal cloaking device. The Visionary would eventually be destroyed above the skies of Nar Shaddaa after the cloak was disabled by the Exile. Nevertheless, Eleaor Propulsion continued to make a successful, if expensive, line of luxury yachts.



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