This article is about the Senator. You may be looking for his son, the Jedi Master.

Starsnow was a male Human Senator in the Galactic Republic during the Cold War with the resurgent Sith Empire. His son was a Jedi Master who perished during the destruction of the Jedi Temple.


A Human Senator, Starsnow served in the Galactic Republic Senate circa 3641 BBY following the Great Galactic War and the resurgence of the Sith Empire. Part of the Cold War-era Senate, Starsnow mourned the death of his son, Jedi Master Starsnow and a victim of the Sith attack on Coruscant at the end of the war. The distraught senator would eventually hire a group of mercenaries led by Memnon Demaratus to retrieve his son's lost journal from the ruins of the Temple.[1]

The mercenaries would fail, due to the heavy Imperial presence at the Temple, and their leader Memnon Demaratus would inform a traveling hero about the job. The hero braved the Imperial forces in the Temple, recovering the journal from the Sith who had already recovered it. They returned the journal to the Senator, who thanked them for easing a father's pain.[1]

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Senator Starsnow was created for the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic as part of the mission "Insult to Injury".



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