"Ships coming and going all the time... So easy for a fugitive to lose himself, gain a new identity -- to escape undetected to any quarter of the galaxy"
―Boba Fett[src]

Starstation 12 was a space station in orbit around the planet Vestar, full of thriving trade and crime. Boba Fett pursued the Imperial deserter Abal Karda to the station while on assignment for Darth Vader.

After killing General Nim of the Imperial Lightning Battalion, Karda bribed the crew of the freighter Port-Esta Queen to secretly drop him off at Stastation 12. Using the pseudonym Mixxim, Karda paid a tatooist named Bojam Rees with Icarii jewels to disguise his face with the tribal marks of the Duhma. He fled the station for Maryx Minor aboard the passenger liner Drramas shortly afterwards.

During his visit in pursuit of Karda, Fett encountered Gaan and interrogated him for information about the purpose of Nevo's team, before killing him and leaving his body for the rest of his group to find in a photo booth.

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